In 7 days your life could be different

In 7 days your life could look different, in 90 days it could be different.

Isn’t that a hopeful thought?

Wherever you are right now, in 7 days you could see things differently. Things could be different.

Today is but a moment in time and you choose now what the next 7 days will bring.

I read this in a group I belong to and it resonated with me, and judging by the responses, it resonated with a lot of people.

We are all hoping to be somewhere, to achieve something and often that is all it is – a thought, a hope, a dream.

But what if it was more than that?

It’s like buying a lottery ticket. One chance in however million that you will win.

It might happen.

And that’s the magic word – happen.

There’s a difference between something happening to you or for you and you choosing to create something or achieve something.

Buying a lottery ticket is giving you hope, something to dream about.

And that’s fine.

But what happens when you don’t win?

You buy another ticket and keep the hope alive.

But what if you choose to take a different action?

A doing action.

To achieve that something you hope for, that you dream about.

But what action can you take?

And will it be hard to make changes?

And you are so busy, you just don’t have time right now.

And of course, it will cost money.

So maybe next year.

When you have won the lottery? Or at least have a bit more money.

What’s really holding you back?

Why not just take one – just one – step toward your goal.

See how it feels.

If that feels OK, take another and then another.

In 7 days, 7 steps.  In 90 days, 90 steps

What a difference that would make to your life.

In 7 days everything could be different.