Are you a wannbe or a gonnabe?

Are you a wannabe? Or a gonnabe?

Every agent I know represents some of both.

It’s true this industry is a numbers game, but everyone gets it wrong.

It’s not all abutthere being so many others competing for the work.

The numbers game is in the wannabes vs the gonnabes.

A wannbe is the actor who puts a few photos on an agent’s books or a casting site – or both, attends an acting course or even two and maybe even shoots a show reel.

All of it goes on the sites and agent’s books.

And then they wait. And wait. And wait.

A gonnabe does their research, finds out what the agents and casting directors want (and need) to promote them and then goes about getting it.

And yes, they wait.

But there is a difference.

While they wait, a gonnabe keeps;

updating their show reel or scenes

finding different stand out photos

attending workshops

learning everything they can from the people who can help their career



they keep pushing to keep their name and image alive in the minds of those who matter by refreshing their material – providing proof they are good and improving.

So, in the end the gonnabe has a better chance of success by a long way because they have the numbers.

They have their supporters in the industry who know

how hard they work

how dedicated they are

and so they get the attention AND the auditions.

Are you a wannabe or a gonnabe?