In the same way that it takes a village to raise a child, so it takes a village to develop a successful performer. 


Welcome to your village.


Where we help you become the best you can be.

The Village is a community of industry professionals and performers working together to empower each individual performer to be the best they can be through education, advice and support.


About Sharon Power

Sharon has been a talent agent and more recently, personal manager for 30 years. She has represented talent in Australia and New Zealand, The U.S and England.

Sharon’s philosophy is centered on the principle that “knowledge is power” combined with 'taking action’ it is impossible to fail.

Having successfully managed all levels of talent from extras to actors, models, children, grandparents and everyone in between, Sharon is well placed to advise you and guide you on your journey.

The entertainment world is controlled by the digital era and everyone must embrace it and understand it’s uses and how it can work for them.

With more “talent” in the industry than ever before, the importance of being memorable, standing out and up and understanding the “behind the scenes” workings is essential.