Is signing with an agent the end game?

Do you think that signing with an agent is the end game? That’s it. Now you can sit back and they’ll make your career. Right? Wrong! What you have done is engaged the interest of someone who thinks you have potential. It might be your look, your training or even your current level of acting ability or talent. Whatever it is, you currently have their interest. But here’s the kicker. If you don’t continue to show them how good you are, how professional you are and how hard you are prepared to work. If you don’t show this new “interested party” that you are prepared to invest in yourself then it won’t be long before they begin to lose interest in you. Unless your material is perfect and you are the best actor in the world then your job is to continue to earn their interest and hope that interest…

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Are you a wannbe or a gonnabe?

Are you a wannabe? Or a gonnabe? Every agent I know represents some of both. It’s true this industry is a numbers game, but everyone gets it wrong. It’s not all abutthere being so many others competing for the work. The numbers game is in the wannabes vs the gonnabes. A wannbe is the actor who puts a few photos on an agent’s books or a casting site – or both, attends an acting course or even two and maybe even shoots a show reel. All of it goes on the sites and agent’s books. And then they wait. And wait. And wait. A gonnabe does their research, finds out what the agents and casting directors want (and need) to promote them and then goes about getting it. And yes, they wait. But there is a difference. While they wait, a gonnabe keeps; updating their show reel or scenes finding…

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Casting Services – why you don’t just need them, you have to have them

The major ongoing expense for actors today is online profiles on casting services. Every day, someone says I can’t afford this one or that one. I get that. Life as an actor is tough. Your income is rarely guaranteed and some years many will not earn at all. You may have a great year this year and nothing for 2 years. It happens. However, the adage “advertise always and especially in adverse times” applies here. There are thousands of casting directors, directors, young film makers and their teams, scouring the internet every day. Casting Services give the industry professionals two very valuable tools. •   Access to a lot of talent in one place •   Freedom to browse anonymously Why can’t they just go to the agents’ websites? Because they’d have to go to hundreds, even thousands of different sites depending on the country and region. Also, many agents have stopped…

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Why do the same actors get all the auditions?

  Why do the same actors get all the auditions? Why them and not you? Essentially the director and / or writer knew them, trusted them and they are right for the role.  Simple. So how do you get to that place? You have to gain the trust of the casting director. Which is fine for me to say but if you aren’t getting in the room how can you do that? It’s NOT all about your acting.  In fact your acting is a tiny part of what you need to do in the casting process. Getting in the room is more about being the right person, not the best actor.  But to be seen as the right person you have to have all your tools working for you. You have to know your niche and type and only submit on those roles Over submitting by you or your agent…

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All work is not good work

All work is not good work. You can damage your career or impact your earning ability by accepting anything and everything. This week I had an example of how this can happen. A client who did a car commercial two years ago for $500 via a casting site, wasn’t eligible to audition for a car commercial this week. The fee, if he could have auditioned and got it, was $12,000. Why couldn’t he audition? Because these days the industry has a conflict rule. Almost every commercial brief, in every country, has a conflict list on it and it invariably says “no competing products in the past 3 years”. So he couldn’t audition. In fact it gets worse for this guy because the original job he did for $500 didn’t have a contract so, in essence, by not signing a contract stating otherwise, he has given away the right to that…

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It’s a numbers game – do you know how to play it?

There are two types of people who work as “actors” in our industry; Those who want a career and want to work at it. Those who just want to do anything on set and have a bit of fun. Those in number 2 are easy – they can get work on casting sites and with extra and commercial agencies. The first list however have a different requirement and the first thing they need to know is how the industry works and how to manage their career, because that is what it is, a career. So, if you are serious about being an actor you need; Advice on what are good jobs and what are not. Why some work is bad, or at least not helpful to your career. What a useful credit is. You also need to know; What your type is What your material should look like and how…

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